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Unification Yoga by
Mind Hacker


Biography: Cian is a soon to be published author, Yogi, Zen teacher, and Mind Hacker. He received his first Zen transmission at 6 months old, and has explored the Mind deeply from both a spiritual and neuroscience perspective. He is also a personal coach, and believes that the power of Mind training should be accessible to all, in order to benefit their personal, social, and professional lives.

Workshop Description: Unification Yoga is a style of Yoga that focuses on the internal conversation that happens between your mind and your body, facilitated by the breath. It is based on Ashtanga style vinyasa, where there is more focus placed on the internal experience versus the external form. As the student’s body becomes still, so does the mind, which makes for a beautiful transition into sitting meditation. If you’ve ever tried to meditation and found that you cannot still your mind, this is for you!


Official WOBBLE kRew
TIE DYING Workshop


The WOBBLE kRew is a Winnipeg based promotional company known for bringing good vibes and fun anywhere they wobble

This Official WOBBLE kRew will supply dye squirt bottles and rubber bands. PEOPLE MUST PROVIDE THEIR OWN WHITE MATERIAL, i.e. shirts… sheets… scarfs… what have you.

100% cotton works best – see you there!




Intro to Levatation Wand with Qarla Polly
Social Instagram: @plastiq_cirqles_qarla

Biography: Qarla's first experience with prop manipulation was in the form of rhythimic gymnastics, where she discovered her affinity for hoop and ribbon, training hard, and eventually travelling to Sweden for the World Gymnaestrada. It wasn't until several years later, she began to dabble in the less-intense, freeing world of flow arts, navigating the space between discipline and surrender, where flow naturally resides. After taking a break from hoops, due to injury, she stumbled upon an unfamiliar prop, that would soon become an obsession. She now spends her days, in the STUDIO Q, creating custom props, hoping to inspire others to find their obsession

Workshop Description: Join us in learning & play! The magical Leviwand is manipulated to create the illusion of levitation. The perfect lightweight prop for beginners, and fun for everyone! We will begin with a short information session, learning anatomy of a wand, types of wands, and some basic terminology. You will learn the basics of keeping your wand upright, and then move on to some basic tricks for short string, including, perches, palmspins, split-string, and isolations. We will explore momentum with stalls and spinning, then finish off with a demonstration of long string techniques, followed with some open flow time for everyone to flow together, try different wands, share ideas, ask questions and GROW WITH THE FLOW!!!

Find Flow Arts 101

Social: by SPINJA/

Biography: SPINJA has dedicated her time to poi practice and coaching, she inspires and hypnotizes in a positive workshop atmosphere using multi-props, various mediums, and transferable poi-based concepts. SPINJA is high-energy, animated to expand minds and encourage wellness and life balance to all ages. SPINJA is a poifessor in a positive workshop atmosphere to include all ages using various props and poi-based concepts; participate and enjoy this creative artistic movement.

Workshop Description: The Flow Arts provides measurable benefits, encourages art culture and life balance; Flow Art techniques boost faster reaction times and proven to advance one’s development. Whether you are ages 3 or 93 everyone will get thrills out of the plate spinning and related prop manipulation. With SPINJA spinning is simple; come enjoy the easiest ‘juggling’ prop there is in circus Flow Arts. Please bring all the props you wish, or props shall be available.

Zen and the Art of Vibrating by Sky Jones


Biography: Very much a jack of all trades, Sky has formal training in bodywork, massage, and energy healing. Other hobbies and interests include DJing, music production, photography, digital art, sacred geometry, quantum physics, philosophy, psychology, meditation, yoga, and shibari/kinbaku. He has a passion for learning and a curiosity for understanding the nature of reality, particularly where we as humans fit in the grand scale of life, the universe, and everything; his favorite number is 42.

Workshop Description: What is energy? What are humans fundamentally made of? And how does that apply to everyday life? This workshop is designed to help you answer those questions. Topics covered will include simplified understandings of energy and quantum physics, as well as the philosophical relation of those topics to our emotional state, and what it means to be human in our present day and age of science and technology.

Ecstatic Free Flow Dance
with Melluna

Biography: I surround myself with nature, music, and the Healing Arts
daily. I have been involved with the Electronic Music scene for the past
20 years, I have been to some amazing festivals around the world, and I
connect deeply to this culture and the creative people it attracts. I first
attended an Ecstatic dance workshop at Shambhala music fest in 2006
and was very moved by the experience. I later found a regular Sunday
morning Silent dance party in Hawaii and I came back to Winnipeg and wanted to share this concept. I
have since then guided a few Ecstatic dance workshops at places such as Winnipeg Folk Fest
Campground, The Goddess Fest, Prairies Edge Eco Village, and a few local community events.
Workshop Description: Let’s explore our dance on a deeper level, let’s allow our bodies to express our
inner truth through movement. We will journey through music with no communication with each
other, a 'silent dance party', blindfolded at times to really give us that 'dance like no ones watching'
experience. We will start with some moving breathwork meditation (Qi Gong) to find our center, shake
off the old stagnant energy, then we will dance our way up through the Chakras and activate these
energy centers. Now that we have the energy flowing up from our Root Chakra out through the Crown
we will allow our bodies to move openly and freely to the music, feeling no inhibitions, and expressing
the best version of ourselves.


Shibari 101 by Sky Jones


Biography: Very much a jack of all trades, Sky has formal training in bodywork, massage, and energy healing. Other hobbies and interests include DJing, music production, photography, digital art, sacred geometry, quantum physics, philosophy, psychology, meditation, yoga, and shibari/kinbaku. He has a passion for learning and a curiosity for understanding the nature of reality, particularly where we as humans fit in the grand scale of life, the universe, and everything; his favorite number is 42.

Workshop Description: This workshop will teach basic knots and rope techniques for sensual purposes. Basic ties to be taught will be the double-column tie, two variations of the single-column tie, and (time permitting) a basic chest harness. Other topics covered will be rope safety, consent and touch, scene negotiation, and safewords. Lengths of rope will be provided for participants to practice with. Techniques can be practiced on a partner if you want to bring one, or they can also be practiced on yourself.

You and your Hoop (beginner)
by Tiauni Starr


Biography: Tiauni Starr is a certified Hoop Dance instructor through Hooplovers Australia and certified in group fitness and personal training through the Manitoba Fitness Council. Tiauni has always loved to dance and started with Hip Hop, Ballet, and Jazz, Tap and Lyrical. After high school she continued those dance forms but also branched into Pole Dancing, Aerial Hoop, and Aerial Silks. Soon after Tiauni had found Hula Hoop Dance and fell in love. She is a self-taught Hula Hoop dancer all from YouTube who can perform with a single hoop, ranging all the way up to six hoops.

Workshop Description: Tiauni Starr offers hula hoop dance classes for any level of hooper and performs on a regular basis. She is working towards owning her own dance studio and would like to teach the basic forms of dance, aerial arts, yoga, and all the flow arts.

Reel Whirled – Festival Flow Hoop Tech by Kurrent Motion


Biography: Hoopist & Founder of Kurrent Motion Hoops, Karrie Blackburn, first started hooping during the summer of 2009. What began as a weight loss journey quickly grew into her talent and passion; taking her all over the globe learning, teaching & performing. With over five years of teaching experience, Karrie’s patient and encouraging style has assisted thousands of Hoopers in discovering their love for a plastic circle!

Workshop Description: This workshop will feature simple tricks paired with fluid transitions for captivating Flow. Whether you are a total beginner or a long time Hooper, you are sure to gain a fresh perspective into the endless possibilities of the beloved Hula Hoop. *Hoops provided.

Joy of Poi by Fiametta

Instagram: @rknrbn2

Biography: Robin Fiametta' s journey with poi began while living on Maui. Seeing the beauty of fire dancers on the beach inspired her to learn the art of poi while she was there. Poi turned out to be a gateway prop and she quickly added double staff, double nunchucks, and fire fans to her repetoire. You never know what she's going to light on fire next!

Fiametta enjoys spreading the joy of poi and has taught classes regularly in Calgary and events such as Astral Harvest, HoopWest, Calgary Tam Tam's and Freezer Burn. She is one of the producers of Camp Carnival: Circus and Flow Fest in Albert's. You can catch Fiametta performing regularly with At The Hip and GoGo.

Workshop Description: Introduction to the Joy of Poi! We will be covering the basics of poi spinning, including weaves, reels and turns. If you already know the basics, I'll show you more advanced variations of the beginner moves.

Archetypes to Heal from a Stage Four Lymphoma by Beth Martins


Biography: As a vice-president in the corporate world with her family’s business in the 90’s she was a fish-out-of-water leading a double life. After being diagnosed with a stage 4 lymphoma following the last of her 8 trips to India, she began a 3-year battle to survive. She quit her corporate job and following a second (considered-fatal) diagnosis, as a last resort turned to working with archetypes to reclaim the hidden, denied and disowned parts of herself. In a few months she fully recovered, stopped seeing doctors and learned that her calling is a life or death thing.


Workshop: As Today a mom against-the-odds and impassioned champion for the value of human being's life purpose, she shows healers, teachers, coaches and artists how to journey with archetypes to create divinely aligned businesses - so they can be valued to make their contribution to the greater good, fulfill on their sacred contract and not have to crash from being split into too many directions.

Beth is the creator of 4 CD's of original music and the ‘MerPreneur’s Journey’ coaching program that maps out the value of our life purpose. She believes in our right to live in freedom from economic slavery and holds the vision for humanity to return back to a natural state. Visit her at to hear more of her story, and do a free Archetype Quiz. Listen to her music at iTunes, Spotify, CD Baby or anywhere you stream or purchase online music.




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