Pre Sale tickets are now available!


Surprisingly, last year all of our campsites were full by the end of Saturday, so this year we are giving the early birds an opportunity to reserve sites.


BONUS for Pre Sale Ticket Purchasers:

- Book your groups (or theme camp) *minimum of 6* tickets before March 1st to reserve a campsite with our camping concierge!  This will ensure you have your very own campsite without having to worry.

- Once everyone you want to camp with has bought a ticket, simply have one person fill out this form for your group (you’ll need the ticket numbers and names for each person).


Then you’ll be contacted before June by our camping concierge team to pick a campsite from our map.

- First come first served! The sooner you submit your groups form the more options you’ll have to choose from for spots.

*Smaller groups or single Pre Sale ticket holders may need to camp in the Paintball loop (a very lush and shaded camping area) once all the designated campsites are full.

Thanks! Message sent.

Thank you 

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